Inundation Report Bellarine Peninsula - Corio Bay Local Coastal Hazard Assessment

Last Updated: 21/Jun/2016

This study is one of four Local Coastal Hazard Assessments being undertaken in Victoria through collaborative partnerships with local stakeholder agencies and was initiated through the DSE (now DELWP) Future Coasts Program.  

The Bellarine Peninsula - Corio Bay LCHA study area includes the entire Bellarine Peninsula and the northern side of Corio Bay, from Point Wilson in the north, to Breamlea in the south (Figure 1-1). The study provides a comprehensive understanding of the extent of coastal hazards and their impacts on the coastal environments within the study area. It assesses coastal inundation, while considering the effects of climate change, as well as combined incidence of catchment flooding and coastal inundation. The developed data sets from this study will enable the derivation of hazard maps and allow management agencies to use these outputs as tools to aid in assessing, identifying and managing risk to coastal infrastructure and environmental values through strategic, statutory and business planning processes.